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Dr. Umair Ali Khan, Chairman CSE

About CSE

Department of Computer Systems Engineering, as per its mission, strives to develop and maintain a high-quality, comprehensive, rigorous and accredited teaching program in Computer Engineering to prepare graduates of competence, conscience, and compassion, who are prepared to excel in the field of computing. To achieve this goal, we combine the theoretical foundations of computing with the practical engineering knowledge vital to industry to provide a broad and integrated curriculum.
CSE department is equipped with modern state-of-the-art laboratories, trained technical staff, and highly qualified faculty to impart quality education as per the international standards.

    Latest Announcement

  • 11th PEC Re-accreditation Visit

    PEC team will visit the CSE department for re-accreditation of 17 and onward batches on 15th - 16th July , 2021

  • Mid-Semester Exams

    Mid-semester examinations of 19 batch to start from 12th July, 2021

  • Eid Vacations

    Vacations of Eid-Ul-Azha will start from 16th July 2021

  • 2-Days Workshop on Arduino Programming

    The department of CSE, in collaboration with Executive Development Center (EDC) QUEST, organizes a 2-days workshop on Arduino programming and interfacing on 27-28 July 2021

  • C-CUBE'21 Proposals Invited

    Students of CSE are encouraged to submit proposals for further innovation in department's annual program (C-CUBE). The best proposal will get an award.

About CSE Program

To provide state-of-the-art education through contemporary techniques in the computing disciplines to produce outstanding professionals and better humans who could not only lead the teams of technologists but can also promulgate and conceive computing knowledge
To produce highly skilled computer engineers to meet the latest trends in the field of computing and to contribute effectively in the social, economic and technological progress of the country
  1. To produce adept computer professionals who have profound knowledge and proficiency in computer engineering and modern technological tools
  2. To enable our graduates to be employed as practicing engineers in the fields of analysis, design, and application-specific computing systems for solving real-world and complex problems to contribute towards the socio-economic and technological growth of the country
  3. To develop and refine the ethical, communication, management and leadership skills in the students to prepare them for assuming responsible positions within an organization
  4. To enable our graduates for a self-motivated pursuit of knowledge in individual and team environment for sustainable development and lifelong learning

Administrative Staff

Prof. Dr. Saleem Raza Samo

Vice Chancellor, QUEST

Everyone associated with the university must own it in order to uplift its standard.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Usman Keerio


We should not compromise at the standards of academics and research at any cost.

Dr. Umair Ali Khan

Chairman CSE, Editor QUEST Research Journal

You need to continuously strive in your student life in order to excel in your professional career.

Prof. Dr. Pardeep Kumar

Chairman SWE, Director ORIC

Working hard and trusting on your abilities is the only key to success and prosperity in your life.

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