Networking Laboratory

The networking laboratory was established in 2002 and was renovated and extended in 2010. Since then, the networking laboratory is serving as a major laboratory to not only conducting practicals, but also a central storage of various application and system software.
The networking laboratory currently contains more than 70 computers with core-i7 processors and state-of-the-art configuration, networking switches, 2 blade servers and other equipments.
The practicals of following subjects are conducted in this laboratory.

  • Computer networks
  • Data communication
  • Simulation & modeling
  • Distributed and embedded systems

Hardware / Computing Laboratory

The hardware and computing laboratory was established in 2008. In the beginning, this laboratory served as the storage of equipments and the office place of lab engineers and other staff members. Later on, this laboratory was upgraded to conduct the praticals of various subjects as well as the storage of equipments and students projects.
The hardware and computing lab currently has more than 30 workstations with state-of-the-art hardware. The lab also serves as the working place of final year thesis students. Besides, the practicals of the following subjects are conducted in this lab.

  • Introduction to computing
  • Data structure
  • Object oriented programming

Software Development Laboratory

The software development is another large laboratory that houses more than 64 workstations with modern configuration and state-of-the-art software. The laboratory also serves as a large hall for holding seminars and workshops.
This laboratory was built in 2002. Since then, the laboratory is being used to conduct the practicals of a number of subjects including, but not limited to the following.

  • Database management systems
  • Visual programming
  • Software engineering

Multimedia Laboratory

The multimedia laboratory was built in 1999 and is one of the oldest labs in the department. The laboratory houses more than 40 workstations with the latest hardware to conduct practicals of a number of related subjects, including

  • Multimedia systems
  • Computer graphics
  • Digital image processing

Control System & Robotics Laboratory

The control systems and laboratory contains a number of electronic/electric equipments,, embedded hardware (including microcontrollers, Arduino boards, Raspbarry Pi boards, programmable robotic arms), and other microcontroller trainers. The following practicals are conducted at this laboratory.

  • Control systems and robotics
  • Microprocessor technologies
  • Embedded systems
  • Digital logic and design
  • Electronics / Electrical engineering

CISCO Laboratory

This Cisco Networking Lab offers high end Cisco routers and switches which enable students to gain hands on experience on networking devices. Most of the routers in the lab support ISDN, ATM, Token Ring and FDDI network architectures. This lab is used for Electrical Engineering courses along with course from other departments such as Electronic Engineering and Telecommunication Engineering.
The practicals of following subjects are conducted in this laboratory.

  • Computer networking
  • Data communication